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Educational Psychology Computing Club

Here we will keep you informed, as well as, post materials and links from our meetings, seminars, and workshops. Happy computing.

Fall 2015 Computing & Conversations Schedule

The meetings will take place in EdSciB Room 10. [map] from 3:00pm–4:30pm

Join us afterward at the Kitty Cat Klub for a social hour and further conversation.
Sept. 18 Promoting Undergraduate Data Science with DataFest
Rob Gould

The world of Big Data has created new demands on undergraduate students of statistics. In addition to being able to 'think with data', they need improved computational thinking abilities so that they can compute with data. I will discuss DataFest, an undergraduate competition modeled after hackathons that celebrates data and encourages undergraduates to expand their skills, step out of their comfort zones, and tackle a real challenge – posed by a real company or government entity – involving rich, complex data. This is primarily a fun and friendly, though intense, competition that serves as a valuable stepping stone to students' future careers. For faculty, it provides a useful opportunity for evaluating our program at UCLA and establishing ties with local industry and research facilities.
Oct. 16 Data Management for the Social Sciences
Alice Motes
Social Science Data Curation Specialist and CLIR Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Minnesota Libraries

Learn how to manage your data in a coherent, efficient, secure, and transparent way that complies with the University’s new Data Management Policy. The playing field for how we need to manage our research data has changed. We face increasingly complex research situations, emphasis on security and openness of data, and new requirements from journals, federal agencies, and the University. This session of Computing and Conversation led by Alice Motes, Social Science Data Curation Specialist at University of Minnesota Libraries, will present tools and techniques we can use to address these challenges

[slides] | [video]
Nov. 20 Qual-Tricks: Superpower Your Survey

A panel of experienced researchers will share how they have used Qualtics in innovative ways to understand and inform their survey results. The panel includes:
  • Tiffany Thayer, Project Manager University of Minnesota, Office of Measurement Services
  • Alexander Fink, Research Fellow, Youth Studies, School of Social Work
  • Scott Barnard, System Administrator for the Qualtrics 360 Assessment
  • Jordan Orzoff, Director of Assessment, College of Pharmacy
Each panel member will give a 15 minute presentation.

[slides - Tiffany] | [slides - Alex] | [video - part I] | [video - part II]

Spring 2015 Schedule

The meetings will take place in EdSciB Room 10 [map] from 11:30am–12:30pm

The Educational Psychology Computing Club organizes tutorials and activities to support the effective use of computing in education. We organize the R Toolbox tutorial series as well as developing the QME R package for providing a unified interface for item analysis in R.

We are sponsored by the Educational Measurement Club, and our Spring 2015 activities are funded by a Community Building Grant from the Council of Graduate Students.

Spring 2015 R Toolbox Schedule

Join us for our spring semester tutorials exploring some of the tools and functions for producing graphical data representations in R. Students and faculty from all departments are welcome.

The R Toolbox meetings will take place in EdSciB Room 325 [map] every other Monday from 11:30am–12:30pm.

Free pizza at every meeting!

Feb. 2 How do I Make that Plot? The Grammar of a Graph
Feb. 16 What is Wrong with My Model? Visual Diagnostics
Mar. 2 Make your Plots Interactive: A Shiny Overview
Mar. 13 Design-a-thon
Mar. 30 What is a Bitmap? Getting your Graphics Ready for Publication
Apr. 13 Where is that File? Organizing Folders and Files for Research Projects
Feb 2 Flexible, Beautiful, Customized Graphs
Understanding ggplot2's grammar
[HTML slides] | [PDF slides] | [R markdown] | [R script]
Feb 16 Eyeballing Your Models
Using visual diagnostics to assess model fit
[HTML slides] | [PDF slides] | [R markdown] | [R script]
Mar 2 Don't Start from Scratch
Interacting with your graphics
[PDF slides] | [R markdown] | [R script]
Mar 30 QME SEMINAR, 12:00–1:00pm:
Teaching precursors to data science in introductory and second courses in statistics
(Nick Horton, Amherst College) [slides and supplementary resources]
Apr 13 Stave off Chaos: Organizing your Research Project
Panel discussion:
  • Dr. Claudia Neuhauser, Director of the University of Minnesota Informatics Institute; Interim Director of the Minnesota Supercomputing Institute [pptx slides]
  • Dr. Michael Harwell, Professor, Quantitative Methods in Education, Educational Psychology
  • Dr. John Hoch, Research Director, Behavioral Dimensions; Research Associate, Special Education, Educational Psychology [pptx slides]
Apr 27 Eyes to the Horizon
A preview of the QME package and an eye toward the future of education & computing [pdf slides]
Apr. 27 Topic TBD by Crowdsourcing

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Contact Information

Here are some other events that may be of interest.

Jan. 6 Data Viz Meetup
11:00am–12:00pm; Walter Library 310 UL
Feb. 3 Data Viz Meetup
11:00am–12:00pm; Walter Library 310 UL
Mar. 3 Data Viz Meetup
11:00am–12:00pm; Walter Library 310 UL
Apr. 7 Data Viz Meetup
11:00am–12:00pm; Walter Library 310 UL
May 5 Data Viz Meetup
11:00am–12:00pm; Walter Library 310 UL
Jun. 2 Data Viz Meetup
11:00am–12:00pm; Walter Library 310 UL

For additional information, or to get on our mailing list, contact Kyle (nicko013@umn.edu), Ethan (brow3821@umn.edu), or Andy (zief0002@umn.edu).

Resources from Fall 2014

Here our some resources from our Fall 2014 presentations. These can help provide a running start in the most essential basics of using R.

Sept 8 Introduction to RStudio
[slides] | [data]
Sept. 22 Easy, Beautiful R Documents: R Markdown
[slides] | [rmd file] | [bib file] | [csl file]
Oct. 6 Data Preparation I: Subsetting and Merging
[slides] | [rdata file]
Oct. 20 Data Preparation II: Filters, Transformations & Summarization using dplyr
[PDF slides] | [R script file] | [rdata file]
Nov. 3 Data Preparation III: Reshaping Data
[PDF slides] | [R script file] | [rdata file]

Contact Information

For additional information, or to get on our mailing list, contact Kory (vuexx199@umn.edu), Kyle (nicko013@umn.edu), or Andy (zief0002@umn.edu).

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