Quarantine 2020.

I have decided to put my notes for the courses EPsy 8251 and 8252 into book form and make them available. As I revise the content, I will post things here. Feel free to offer criticism, suggestion, and feedback. You can either open an issue on the book’s github page or send me an email directly.

Andrew Zieffler


Artwork by @allison_horst

Icon and note ideas and prototypes by Desirée De Leon.

The book is typeset using Crimson Text for the body font, Raleway for the headings and Sue Ellen Francisco for the title. The color palette was generated using


Many thanks to all the students in my courses who have been through previous iterations of this material. Your feedback has been invaluable, and you are the world’s greatest copyeditors. In particular, I would like to thank the following students who have gone above and beyond in the feedback they have provided: Jonathan Brown, Amaniel Mrutu, Corissa Rohloff, and Mireya Smith.